Building Polythenes & Membranes

Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) used on concrete floor construction and acts as a waterproof barrier preventing Moisture from travelling into layers of flooring. Rising damp can lead to a host of costs in undoing all your hard work. Fastbuild Supplies supply a range of plastic and polythene's for a variety of applications, thicknesses and colours include Damp proof membrane, gas barriers and jointing tapes.

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  1. Self Adhesive Tanking Membrane
  2. Vapour Check

    From £33.60

  3. Visqueen Damp Proof Membrane

    From £32.40

  4. Tar Brush
  5. Rigid Top Hat
  6. DPM Jointing Tapes

    From £8.15

  7. Polythene Damp Proof Course

    From £2.35

  8. Insulated Vertical DPC

    From £22.72

  9. Vapour Barrier
  10. Vapour Tape

    From £32.28

16 Items

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