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Suspended MF ceilings are a favoured choice for achieving a polished ceiling finish. The straightforward installation process, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness make MF ceiling systems highly sought after.

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What is an MF Ceiling System?

An MF Ceiling System, a Metal Framework Ceiling System, is a suspended ceiling system commonly used in commercial and residential buildings. It involves a grid-like framework of metal tracks and channels suspended from the main structure or existing ceiling. This framework supports and holds various ceiling components such as ceiling tiles, panels, or boards in place.

The MF Ceiling System offers several advantages, including flexibility in design, ease of installation, and the ability to accommodate different ceiling finishes. It conceals services such as electrical wires, plumbing, and HVAC ducts within the ceiling void. This type of ceiling system is often chosen for its aesthetic appeal, acoustic properties, and ability to create a clean and professional look in various interior spaces.

Materials Needed For an MF Ceiling System 

Here are the materials needed to install a MF ceiling system:

  • MF5 (Top Hat) – Forms the secondary grid onto which plasterboard is fixed.
  • MF6A Perimeter Channel – Forms the perimeter for the system against the walls.
  • MF7 Primary Channel – Connects to hangers on the soffit to create the primary support grid.
  • MF9 Connecting Clip – Connects MF5 to the MF7 grids.
  • Steel Angle – Used to create hangars connecting soffit fixings to the MF7 grid.
  • Fixing Bracket – Connects steel angle to the soffit.
  • Wafer Head Screws – Used to connect various parts of the system.

You may also need some essential equipment, such as:

  • Laser Light
  • Marking Pens or Pencils
  • Tape Measure

How to Install an MF Ceiling System 

1. Set The Ceiling Level

First, you need to set your desired ceiling level. The requirements of the room will usually dictate this positioning.

Mark your required height and use a laser light to ensure consistency across the room.

2. Fit MF6A Perimeter Frame

Attach the MF6A perimeter frame around the room's perimeter at the marked level with the correct fixings at 600mm centres. The MF6A will provide a holding position for the MF 5 frame and help give a clean finish to the plasterboard against the wall.

3. Install Hangers

Mark spaces against the soffit at 1200mm centres to create a 1200mmx1200mm grid overhead. These markings will be where you place your hangers.

There are many options when it comes to MF ceiling hangers. Cut the steel angle based on the height of your ceiling and fix it to angle-fixing brackets. Then, connect the brackets to the markings on the soffit.

4. Build the Grid Frames

Install two grids that will support your MF ceiling system.

Fix the hangers to MF7 primary channels using wafer head screws, with two fixings per hanger. If you need to extend MF7 depending on your room's size, sections should overlap by 150mm and be fixed with wafer head screws. The MF7 channels will create the primary grid.

On the MF6A perimeter channel, mark 450mm centres. Using the MF5, create a secondary grid at these centres, running from the perimeter channel and creating right angles underneath the MF7 primary grid. If you need to extend the MF5 sections, overlap them by 150mm, as with MF7.

Tie the MF7 primary grid to the MF5 using the MF9 connecting clip. Alternatively, you can fix MF5 to MF7 with wafer head screws if there are concerns around the ceiling lift.  

5. Install Plasterboard

Fit the plasterboard to the MF ceiling system.

Fix your plasterboard to the MF5 grid, with the long edge at right angles to MF5. Insert screw fixes no closer than 10mm from a bound edge and 13mm from a cut edge, at 230mm maximum centres within the field of the boards and 150mm at board ends.

Stagger your plasterboard joints across the ceiling to complete the build.

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