Drywall & Plasterboard Screws

Plasterboard and drywalls require specialist screw fixings with deeper threads and countersunk heads to provide a secure and square finish. At Fastbuild, we stock a range of screws, including coarse and fine thread plasterboard screws and self-drill drywall, to help you get the job done.

Whatever size screw you need, you’ll find it among our building supplies, with screws sold at 1000 per box. Shop now to ensure your project is a success. 

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What Size Plasterboard Screw Do I Need?

There are a variety of different types of plasterboard screws, each with its own merit. The most common types of plasterboard screws include:

  • Coarse drywall screws
  • Fine drywall screws
  • Self-drilling screws

What size plasterboard screw you need will depend on the job, specifically what you’re fixing the plasterboard to.

If you’re fixing plasterboard to a timber frame, the screw length should be such that the screw penetrates the timber by about 25mm (1 inch). For example, for 9.5mm-thick plasterboard, use 32mm-long screws, or for 12.5mm plasterboard, use 38mm-long screws.

However, when using plasterboard screws for metal studs, you can opt for a shorter screw so long as it penetrates the metal stud by approximately 10mm.

Coarse Thread Drywall Screws

Coarse thread drywall screws are ideally used when screwing plasterboard into wood. They come with a phosphate coating that protects the screw from rust, as timber is more susceptible to damp.

Fine Thread Drywall Screws

These hard-wearing and durable screws are most ideally used when fixing plasterboard to metal framing. Since the screw doesn’t need to penetrate as far into the metal studs, fine thread drywall screws are available with a short minimum length.

Self Drill Drywall Screws

Unlike the previous screws mentioned, self-drilling drywall screws are specifically designed to secure plasterboard to heavier gauge track and ceiling track systems. 

The key thing to consider when choosing your plasterboard screws is what you’re fixing the plasterboard to. Also, note what tools you’re using for the job. If you’re planning to use an auto-feed screwdriver, make sure you choose the collated option of your chosen screw.

If you need anything else for your build, our extensive range of fixings at unbeatable prices will see you right.