Installing a damp proof membrane is crucial during construction to prevent moisture from rising and damaging the infrastructure. That's why making sure that you have the right DPM for the job is essential for all homes — introducing the fully-credited Visqueen Damp Proof Membrane for all those in need of a sturdy damp proof membrane.

About Visqueen Damp Proof Membrane

The Visqueen Damp proof membrane is manufactured from 90% recycled polyethene and is used to protect homes from damp invasion. You can use a DPM in multiple ways, but Visqueen benefits from the versatility of different thicknesses that allow it to be both strong and durable.

A reliable DPM is essential to prevent moisture from seeping into your building. The Visqueen's high resistance to tearing and innate ability to contain chemicals and acids from affecting the building makes it a great choice.

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Visqueen Damp Proof Course

Visqueen also offers a damp proof course alongside its membrane for further resilience. It is essential to mention that DPC and DPM are different. While a DPM acts like a barrier for concrete floors, a DPC will prevent moisture from rising within walls.

Both products can support each other and work harmoniously to prevent the rise of damp. Additionally, the Visqueen damp proof course is manufactured to good standards for cost-effectiveness and longevity.

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When to Use Visqueen Damp Proof Membrane

A Visqueen damp proof membrane needs to be used during the construction process after measuring the subfloor for its moisture content. If this moisture exceeds the product manufacturer's guidelines, a DPM is needed to shield the concrete from rising dampness and potential mould growth.

Download the complete schematics for a deeper understanding of how best to prepare and install a DPM.

Why Choose Visqueen Plastic Sheeting?

Visqueen is the leading manufacturer of waterproofing, gas and damp systems in the UK. They have earned the title with a great range of Visqueen membrane products providing support for builders and contractors for over ten years.

This reputable supplier for DPMs is a perfect choice for those looking for sturdy and cost-effective construction equipment.

Choosing the Right DPM

Each DPM can vastly change based on several factors, and ensuring you have the right one for the job is essential in preventing rising damp. These are the things to consider:

  • Thickness
  • Width
  • Price

With so many factors to consider when preparing for construction, ensure you're making the right choice with our guide to choosing a DPM.

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