Metal Stud & Track

Metal stud and track available in a range of widths and lengths. We also stock a large range of accessories. We have an extensive range of floor and ceiling track, liner track, liner stud, stud connectors and of course drywall screws and accessories.

Metal track and stud partitioning is suitable for most domestic, commercial and industrial situations. It's quicker to install and lighter than traditional types of partitioning. With its low waste and relative cleanliness of installation, this makes metal track and stud partitioning ideal for a wide range of applications.

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  1. Floor & Ceiling Track

    From £2.06

  2. Fine Thread Drywall Screws

    From £3.85

  3. Self Drill Drywall Screws

    From £4.94

  4. Liner Track
  5. Flat Bracing Strip
  6. Drywall Brackets

    From £0.13

  7. Service Support Plate
  8. Liner Stud
  9. Firefly Phoenix
  10. Wafer Head Drill Screws

    From £5.52

  11. Resilient Bar
  12. C Stud

    From £1.96

  13. Fire Batt
  14. Liner Stud Connectors
  15. Extra Deep Track

    From £3.25

16 Items

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